It gets more interesting: Clash of Clans presents new updates

Nick Howard


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The hit game Clash of Clans remains one of the most popular among other strategies with over 10 million gets. All of the game fans anticipated for its update. And it has finally happened this March. This update intends to bring a new life to this popular strategy. A new Builder Base level and additional content are added to grab more new players and to please the old ones.

Clash of Clans community is in a grand excitement. The game developer Supercell announced that March updates would become a beginning for the chainlet of game’s fundamental changes, which will come out this year.

The March updates touch the Builder Base and the Main Village. You’ll find some new buildings and a few of troop levels there.

You’ll meet a new character under a code name “The Traveller.” We don’t know much about him now, but most likely he will provide some war tools.  

The 8th level will appear in the Builder Base. It means that the Sneaky Archers abilities and the Single Inferno setting will be nerfed while the Multi Inferno setting would get a buff.

All this new content and some of the surprises as well would be soon presented, so prepare your Clash of Clan strategy.