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The description of The Sims™ Mobile

This is a new version of Sims developed for mobiles, with the same goal to evolve with the character, build relations, design your house, find a job, reach for success. It is a full-fledged edition, and you can find minor differences between this one and PC versions.

Navigation in the mobile version of the game is really simple. It is  mostly taping on one of the options that appear or sliding to the left or right to change colors, for example. You will receive short notifications that offer you to tap on different objects which are crucial when you make your choice about the future. There is a map of Sims word and you can open it once you decide to look for a job or go somewhere else except your friendly neighborhood.

Graphics look great and typically very Sims-like. If you are a fan of these good looking characters you may play with, this game will not disappoint you. You’ll have this 3D character, an empty small house you can decorate up to your choice and sunny background with eternal spring or summer.

After a small but really creative intro with a family tree and you as an acorn flying to start your own tree, your story begins. The game offers you to create your Sim, with multiple options. It is similar to the one you used to play on PC. Change your hairstyle, face, torso, legs. Pick the best outfit and rush to your new place.

You will meet new neighbors, standing near your yet unrepaired house. Interact with them, and raise social skills. Go and find a job in the city, as you will need more money. There is a quick tutorial you need to pass before you’ll get lost in various options of this new world. It will also help you to understand how everything works here.

There are different currencies in Sims, career options, relationships, and you still need to build your house. You’ll have numerous tasks. Don’t focus on just one of them. The first job of Barista may open new doors in front of you. But don’t forget to interact with other people, sleep at night, eat, and improve your house. At least, buy a bed and a shower. You’ll have your daily to-do list. Each of these tasks brings you some reward.

Besides that, you may try to build relations with someone. It will give you more stars. The game is definitely multitasking, so if you have never played Sims on your console or PC before, you’ll need a tutorial. Your Sim may need a refrigerator, and it has to be good enough to fit his/her tastes. The bed may be cozy or just beautiful. But you have to pick cozy and beautiful.

If you run out of energy, the game starts to offer you numerous options for the money. You can agree and buy food to raise your powers or try to deal with it yourself. They accept real money and turn into SimCash. You $5 are equal to 250 SimCash. Still, if you are patient enough, you can wait until you earn more energy. The best way to restore your energy is to eat, take a bath or shower and go to bed. Do you have food, shower or bed at your house? Take care about that.


  • Lots of activities to pick from;
  • No limits for decorations;
  • Easy controls and a lot of tips in the game.


  • Asks money for numerous activities;
  • There are timers for everything.


The Sims Mobile is a great way to relax and have fun after a long day. You will lead your character to success step by step and see its evolution. The graphics are good as always, and your character keeps a very attractive look up to your choice.

Professional Critic
Lily Milton

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The Sims™ Mobile

5 / 5
Latest Version:
Publish Date: 2017-07-18
Size: 74.0 MB

What's new

Hey, Sims players! We’ve made a few updates to homes and parties, and you can now:

• Customize your home with new objects and décor earlier in the game, and reflect your personal style with color options for each item
• Earn XP bonuses during parties when you interact with objects that match your careers, hobbies, and the party theme

You can also see the features and content you’ve unlocked on the Level Up screen. Plus, we’ve made some behind-the-Sims improvements. Thanks for playing!

The Sims™ Mobile history

Version: for Android 4.1+ - Latest Version!
Update on: 2017-07-20
Signature: 12f198c1384505b5b266012e3df0dcc225e9cb43
APK File SHA1: e4981e6c8b041395c7a14a60585fa9ab279efa9f
Version: for Android 4.1+
Update on: 2017-06-12
Signature: 12f198c1384505b5b266012e3df0dcc225e9cb43
APK File SHA1: 8e9de828e914912be6757aa5741c40d79b7bf08e
Version: for Android 4.1+
Update on: 2017-06-06
Signature: 12f198c1384505b5b266012e3df0dcc225e9cb43
APK File SHA1: 08b1c4475f0a343a11506082fd5dc71d0fb19757
Version: for Android 4.1+
Update on: 2017-05-23
Signature: 12f198c1384505b5b266012e3df0dcc225e9cb43
APK File SHA1: 8003465aee8c9733618b0b49369108d1fcb6fbb0
Version: for Android 4.1+
Update on: 2017-05-09
Signature: 12f198c1384505b5b266012e3df0dcc225e9cb43
APK File SHA1: 52c73edee59ef3c855c5182583761035adea48a2

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