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The description of Gachaverse (RPG & Anime Dress Up)

Gachaverse or the Universe of Gacha needs your help. You will play with a cute but very powerful Gacha Summoner who tries to save the kingdom and destroy corruption schemes. Gachaverse is an RPG that was made to attract players’ attention with its beauty in anime-style, dress-up options and the various role that are offered.

There is a well-thought story of the World of Gacha that recently expanded via the universe. A once legendary hero, Gacha King has been corrupted. You’ve been chosen to save the kingdom with a badass Gacha Sward. It looks amazing and a little bit Sailor Moonish… but who cares? There will be a good looking girl with butterfly wings and a terrifying laugh named Vii, who will guide you through the game. She’ll explain you everything about the sword and your mission.

There are a lot of dialogues pump into your screen, and the questions you ask. But it is not the beautifully drawn, anime-styled storybook. You have to fight your way to the main goal – your battle with the biggest boss.
This game is not still fully released. Developers promise to add some modes there. But for now, you can create your Summoner, changing face, body, hairs, clothes, hats, weapons, etc. You’ll have an opportunity to create your own personality, relations, occupation, your pet.

Controls are not that hard. If you have already played games on your phone, there is nothing impossible. For starters, tap the screen once and enter the game. Create your hero. There will be tables with numerous options for you to pick. Tap on the best option, try it, and change if you don’t like. Pick one of the dozens of colorful backgrounds.

Developers announced that there will be modes like arena, raid, training, tower, survival, event, and challenge. There will be other currency except for bundles, that are already released, like gems, gold, stars. You will be offered to transfer real money into gems, for example, which will allow you to buy more skills, weapon, new look, or something similar.

There is a Skit Market mode, already available. You can create your own story and share it with your friends. There is a chat available in the game. For now, this is it. You have to wait until the next update of the game or a full release.

Every fan of kawaii anime-style will be amazed with the graphics. It is brilliantly made with attention to every detail, and background. There are lots of wings, the color of eyes changing based on the mood, magical artifacts and everything that fascinates us about anime.


  • Beautiful graphics in anime-style;
  • A great number of options in creating your character;
  • Well-developed story.


  • The main modes of the game still not ready;
  • There is not much to do after you created a character.


Imagine yourself a chosen by a sword summoner who needs to save the world from corruption. No, you are not an Arthur, this is not a Camelot. And your fight is in the Universe scale. The Gachaverse game is still in progress, but for now, you can create characters and stories up to your choice and share your creative skills with friends.

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Lily Milton

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Gachaverse (RPG & Anime Dress Up)

5 / 5
Latest Version: 0.7.7
Publish Date: 2018-10-04
Size: 93M

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