With these Tips and Tricks of Dragon Ball Legends, you will Become the Best Warrior


The words Dragon Ball would have been popular while growing up in the 90s and early 2000s, but its popularity has far from diminished today. In fact, Bandai Namco has made sure that the world never forgets Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of the crew with the release of the Dragon Ball Legends game for Android and iOS devices. This card-based game delivers PvP and story mode games along with an addictive gameplay that encourages you to unlock newer and more powerful characters. So, before you hit that download button, here are a few tips that will help you get ahead in the game and go Super Saiyan on your opponents.

Unlocking New Characters

Dragon Ball would be nowhere if it wasn't for its list of heroes and villains alike. Similarly, all franchise games, including Legends, bring together a host of characters to choose from. Whether you like to play the good guy and opt for one of the Z Warriors or let the evil out and choose someone like Frieza, you will easily find what you want - with a little hard work that is. There are basically two ways to unlock characters - Summons and Events.

Summons are the primary way to get a hold of new characters and involve spending the in-game currency called Chrono Crystals. The problem here is, you don't know which card you're unlocking as it is a random selection. Every Summon costs 100 Crystals, but everyday you receive a single discounted Summon that costs just 20 Crystals. The other method is Event Story mode. Here you have a limited time to complete quests that are usually based on specific characters. Every successful quest gives you a small amount of Z Power which is used for upgrades. They are relatively easy to complete and offer something new everyday.

Different Types of Characters

As most card games go, always getting the best or strongest cards doesn't ensure a victory. In Legends too, there is more to it than just getting lucky and finding Goku and Vegeta cards and adding them to your deck of six. There are two factors that should be considered before you head out to battle - types and rarity. There are a total of three types of cards including Ranged Type, Defense Type, and Melee Type. Rarity cards are of four types which include Hero Rarity, Extreme Rarity, Support Rarity, and Sparking Rarity. Essentially, you need to have a balanced deck of all four Rarity cards along with various Types to properly attack and defend.

Level Up, Training, Class Up, Soul Boost, Equipment, and Limit Breaks

Getting your cards to a level where they can compete in the most fiercest of battles takes a lot more than just spending Crystals. Here are free ways to increase your characters stats.

Training EXP: The Training menu lets you choose which characters you think need training. After a specific time period, your character gains EXP or Experience points. You can add Training Weights to get your EXP higher. And don't worry, the character you send to training can also compete in battles.

Story EXP: After completing an Event Story level, your character receives EXP. This is the easiest way to gain EXP and can be repeated a number of times till your Energy bar is depleted.

Limit Breaks: Every time you complete a Story or Summon, your Z Power increases significantly. This is visible in the form of stars and each character can receive up to 7 stars in total.

Soul Boost: Unlock Boost Panels to upgrade your characters. While the upgrades are quite small and target specific areas like health, defense, and attack, they add up and allow you to upgrade a character. Zeni and Souls are how you unlock Boost Panels which are achievable after completion of Missions and Storys. The Exchange shop is where you can also exchange rare medals for Souls.

Class Up: After unlocking a set of Boost Panels, the Class Up can be unlocked which is a way to get more powerful Boost Panels and increase a character's max level.

Equipment: These are interchangeable items that help you increase your stats. They can be purchased with Zeni or Souls and new slots for Equipment can be unlocked by initiating a Class Up.


Elements are quite important when battling it out with an opponent. Every character has his own Element and is color coded for easy gameplay. The main Elements are Red, Purple, Yellow, Blue, and Green. There is also a Light Element and a Dark Element. During battles, you require a mix of Elements to defeat your opponents.

Playing PvP Battles

While competing in battles, you might find that going up against the AI is a lot easier than facing another player in real-time - that's because it is. In Rating battles, you will find yourself matched up against a higher level opponent quite often. If you manage to defeat them and climb the leaderboard, you could earn some great rewards. There are a few ways to ensure you come out on top when facing a tougher opponent though, and here are a few.

Evading Attacks

The offense is the best defense, right? Well, not always. In Legends, you are better of playing it safe and waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike, especially when you're up against a stronger opponent. When you see an incoming attack, simply swipe left or right and evade the shot. This will result in you performing the Vanishing Step which will teleport you beside your opponent where you can counterattack immediately. Keep an eye on your meter though, as this move takes a lot out of it.

The Ki Gauge

Destroying your opponent requires serious hits that come along with the help of the Arts Cards. Beware though, these cards severely deplete your Ki Gauge and can open you up to non-stop attacks. You can refill it by simply pressing down, but it's best to do this when you opponent is stunned. The best way to use your Ki Gauge is to wear his down and then unleash all you can to defeat him.

Using The Rising Rush Attack

The Rising Rush move is, by far, the most devastating attack sequence in Legends. It requires you to find all 7 Dragon Balls by using specific Arts Cards with Dragon Balls on them. Once collected, you must use a different Arts Card to what your opponent does. This will bring your remaining team members up and they all fire their signature attacks at the same time. It is powerful enough to deplete a full health bar and is quite extraordinary to watch.