Beat Your Enemy in Clash Royale With Our Exclusive Tips and Tricks


Clash Royale is an exciting tower defense game that brings a lot more to the table than expected. Created by Supercell - the developers of Clash of Clans - the game has many of the same characters along with some new ones as well. The gameplay, however, is quite different as it involves using special cards to defeat enemy towers.

Cards vary from Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary value and are used for both defending as well as attacking. Using a pack of 8 cards, you must battle against online players to win. But, even though the game sounds easy, getting an assured win is quite the opposite. It takes careful planning and strategy - or you can use these 5 tips.

Choosing Your Cards

This is literally the first step in playing the game. With more than 74 cards to choose from, you need to make sure your playing deck covers every angle of defense and offense. It is imperative to update your cards from time to time to improve their strength. With heavier cards (those that carry 4.5 and above elixir), it is important to use them in the last 60 seconds.

Updated Troops

As mentioned above, there are more than 74 cards in Clash Royale, with new ones always being added. These cards have different levels which make them stronger as you play and update them. Every card is different and brings a different power to play with. Updating the most used cards regularly ensures enemies don't get the better of you during intense battles.

Using Elixir Carefully

Elixir is the lifeblood that drives every troop and is required to fight against the oncoming enemy. While some troops require small amounts of elixir (1-5), others require a large amount of it (7-10). If the elixir is used completely, you will have to wait for about 2.8 seconds till you can use another troop. The waiting time is cut in half (1.4 seconds) in the last 60 seconds of the game. Using a proper strategy includes playing smaller troops to defend before using heavier cards in the end to the attack.

Placing Your Troops

To win a game, the placement of your troops is vital. Rather than placing a troop in front of your tower, place it towards the middle so that the enemy follows it and is defeated faster. While strength in numbers is a valid point, placing many troops together opens up the risk of poison or freeze attacks. Spread your troops out properly to confuse your enemy.

Distracting The Enemy

If you feel like your opponent has a stronger deck than you do, you have basically two options. Place your troops in front of the enemy to defeat them or use your troops to distract the incoming attack. Placing the troops away from your tower will draw the enemy to you and will leave your towers free to defend themselves effectively.