An Attack On Titan Mobile Game Is Coming To Android


Anime fans, time to get excited as news about the An Attack On Titan mobile game circles the web. According to reports, the game will be released on Android at some point in the near future, but sadly, will probably be released in certain regions in Asia only. Fans can register for the game on a website called Tap Tap which will notify them when the game releases along with its cost and other details.

Tencent - the company that released the MOBA game Arena of Valor in the US last month - is also involved in publishing An Attack On Titan. The company is using the first season of the Anime show to base the game around and will involve small and quick events that tie the entire story together. Like in the show, the player will be a part of the 104th training regiment and will continue the game in a first-person view. Engaging with enemies requires players to complete series of combos with quick reflexes.

Since the game is being based on the popular show, the developers are trying to stay as true to the storyline as possible. By mimicking the events of the show, the game will slowly progress and receive regular updates to add more of the storyline from the first season as well as incorporating parts of the second season. But, with only two completed seasons under the belt, the updates involving the second season could take some time to keep the fans interested. With developers pushing to stay as close to the storyline as possible, updates should be released slower than expected.

Talking about releases, the An Attack On Titan Android game is expected to make its way to various parts of Southeast Asia including Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau. Other territories will also be added to the list once they are confirmed. As of now, there is no good news in terms of a US release, but with the show growing in popularity in many Western regions, a release could never be ruled out - especially with Android users always looking for something new. To check if your region falls under the lucky few to get the game, check Google Play in the upcoming weeks or months.