8 Lesser Known Strategies, Tips, and Tricks For Clash of Clans


Clash of Clans is an exceptional game that involves creating your own village consisting of various buildings and keeping them safe and protected from enemies. Extremely addictive, this game requires a lot of patience and a whole lot of strategic thinking. In order to excel and be at the top amongst your friends and other players, you must know the various tips and tricks and different strategies of the game. Let us take a look at the various strategies, tips and tricks that you can apply to overcome the obstacles of this fun game. 

1. Utilize base building guides

Each level of Clash of Clans comes with an array of special add-ons that include buildings, new characters, new weapons and more. In this case, each player must adjust their base according to the level they are currently on, in order to make the most of all the resources and weapons available. Here is where base building guides come into play. These easy to find guides are available online and include proper instructions with configurations on how to place your walls, buildings and other resources in the best possible position, making sure you save your elixir and gold and keep off attackers. 

2. Attacking guides

To keep your village and resources safe, you must ensure your defense is strong and well placed. Similar to attaining help with setting up the perfect base, there is also help available for setting up your defense resources efficiently, in order to utilize its benefits well. Combining characters and units would not only help you with a better attack but would also help with saving your elixir, gold and allow you to move forward quicker. 

3. Join a Clan

Joining a clan is essential and beneficial in many different ways. Simply get a group of friends or other COC players and attack, defend and donate in Clash of Clan wars. These wars help to give you special bonuses and rewards if the clan wins. Joining a clan also helps with additional resources that come in the form of donations from other players present in your clan. Request for what you need and get members of your clan to donate these resources. 

4. Single-Player

Although the multiplayer mode is much more thrilling and interactive, the single-player mode does have its own benefits. Including 50 different stages with three stars that can be awarded in each stage, players are given a chance to avail resources and achievements, gold and elixir by successfully winning battles against other single mode players by gaining more stars. 50% of damage of the opponent’s village gives you one star, the second star can be won by destroying the town hall, and the third is by destroying the opponent’s entire base. 

5. Cleaning up you base regularly

Keeping your base clean and clear of trees, bushes, etc. could be a bit of a pain if you login to play every day, but it is essential to remove all junk from the base as soon as it appears. This may, however, take up your elixir but it would also give you gems for free. Along with trees and bushes, you may also find loot, like gem and coin boxes that would give you coins and gems. The faster you clear them, the faster they reappear. 

6. Save gems for builders

Each village starts with two builders and each upgrade on any particular building or resource could take from few hours to a few days. In this case, having a large number of gems is necessary in order to free busy builders, so that he can start working on the next upgrade. Saving your gems for this purpose is vital. Alongside the two default builders, a 3rd one costs 500 gems, the 4th costs 1000 gems and the 5th costs 2000. For players who have all 5 builders, upgrading and building is much faster. Therefore on must save on gems. 

7. Achievements and rewards

The easiest way to gain gems in Clash of Clans is by completing your achievements. These come throughout the game and occur while you play. Some achievements are attained by simply upgrading your buildings or by unlocking characters. Donating troops is also another way of receiving gems. In order to complete achievements, you must be an active player on Clash of clans. 

8. Events

Taking part in events and completing them is another great way of attaining free gems and saving on your elixir while attacking other players. Events are timely and occur while you play the game regularly. These events can be found in the bulletin section on the right-hand side of the game. 

Clash of Clans is one among the best, most played games online that has millions of fans all across the globe. Be a part of this thrilling game, build, create, upgrade, expand, defend and attack and keep your village safe from your enemies. Follow these easy tricks and tips and gaming strategies to make your way to the top of your clan leaderboard and attain all the achievements and bonuses to progress faster to the next level.