What’s New In VR: 4 Most Fascinating Upcoming VR Games


Last year was quiet as a mouse in the case of virtual reality projects, but hits like Beat Saber, Budget Cuts and Skyrim VR made 2018 a great year for PC glasses like Rift or Vive. Well, we have to say that 2019 is showing even better results. This year, we’ve already had some sounding games, like Lone Echo 2, Space Junkies, Borderlands 2 VR, etc. However, 2019 year still has some secrets up its sleeve. Let's look at promising indie projects and high-budget blockbusters for VR which will be released this year.


Developer: Insomniac Games | Platform: Oculus Rift

Stormland Gameplay

Stormland is a sky-fi robot shooter in an open world with very cool interactivity and visual features. If you want to pick up ammo from a defeated enemy, you need to pick up his weapon and break it. If you want to upgrade your robotic arms, you literally need to pull them out of your shoulders!

Insomniacs also promise co-op and replayability. Even if these options won’t survive till the final release, we won’t be disappointed. It is a great pleasure to see another VR open world project on the market, after the success of virtual-reality versions of Skyrim and Borderlands. Stormland has a great advantage even before its release: unlike the above-mentioned massive games (which are just remastered projects of older games) Stormland offers us a totally fresh experience in a unique sci-fi open world.

Vacation Simulator

Developer: Owlchemy Labs | Platform: Rift, Vive, PSVR

Vacation Simulator Gameplay

The slapstick comedy genre is usually poorly implemented in classic computer games, but it can be perfectly realized in VR. And no game gave a better use of such kind of humor than Vacation Simulator, the sequel to the previous project by Owlchemy Labs, Job Simulator.

The developers promise more spacious levels in Vacation Simulator compared to its predecessor, and even more interactivity! This game will allow you to spend holidays of any length in a paradise of different taste: resorts are located on the beach, in the forest, and in the high snow-covered mountains. There is even an option for the hermits: you can spend time playing video games, watching television and even working remotely in a comfortable hotel. And all the maintenance will take on the mechanisms controlled by artificial intelligence.


Developer: Twisted Pixel | Platform: Oculus

Defector Gameplay

Defector is a stylish spy thriller in which you have to jump from an airplane, hit the faces of gangsters, drive cars and shoot guns. In short, we are waiting for a James Bond film, transferred to a VR game with parkour on the roofs and streets of India. Also, Defector invites the player to participate in secret surveillance, intense interrogation, deadly hand-to-hand fighting around the world.

There will be mini-games, intense shooting, and fast-paced races. To defeat enemies, you can use a variety of weapons, from smart bombs to cybernetic gloves. Each mission can end with either success or fate worse than death. As a player, you can achieve your goal both by acting covertly or breaking through with an arsenal of weapons behind your belt.

Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot

Developer: MachineGames | Platform: Unknown

Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot Gameplay

Surely, all gamers are familiar with the bloody shooter franchise Wolfenstein. Year after year, the guys from MachineGames delight us with their masterpieces. The most interesting is that the rights for Wolfenstein trademark belong to one of the most disastrous studios in 2018, Bethesda. Nevertheless, the VR technology should complement the picture of the Wolfenstein series and make it the best shooter about cosmo-fascism. In this part, you will be acting in the Blaskowitz universe, who is a well-known character of the previous Wolfenstein games.

However, the gameplay will be different. In Cyberpilot you can ride on mechanical dogs: giant machines which can spit fire from their throats. With the help of deadly technologies, you have to free Paris from Nazi invasion.

We are sure that there are a lot of games which will be released until the end of 2019 but they haven’t been announced yet. We will be back with an update as soon as there is new interesting information about the upcoming virtual reality hits.